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Fashion CirclesWelcome to the Fashion Circles website.  When we say, "fashion circles" we are partially talking about fashion "social circles" (friends and family discussing fashion relevant topics)  and partially we are talking about fashion business circles (business to business communities discussing fashion topics).  Actually, both of these classification, the social and business circles, are very similar. 

Due to the fact that people involved in fashion typically have a passion for fashion, even when they are discussing business, they are still being very social and friendly with one another.  Therefore, they become "friends" even in a work environment.  For example, it is not uncommon for a sales person to literally become a friend with a buyer.  Possibly in the beginning of the relationship the sales person is being extra nice in the hopes to develop a good business relationship.  However, in time the buyer and sales person may genuinely become close friends. 

A wonderful example of a business network that has a pleasant and sociable atmosphere is the Fashion Industry Network.  If you wish to be part of stylish social circle, my may want to check the fashion circles that have formed in the Groups section on FIN.

In addition to FIN, their are other amazing social circles for you to research.  Please read below to learn more about the Google+Project (it is also referenced as Google+, The Google+ Project, +1, Circles, etc.; I am still trying to figure out the official name).  For now, you can reference it as Google+ if you wish.


Unfortunately, Google+ is Closed.  Google shut down the service to the public (closed in 2019).

Below is for historical reference. 

The purpose of below is to provide a place for members of the fashion industry to learn about Circles from the Google + Project.

First, let's figure out the answer to the questions, "What are circles?".

As per the Google website, here is a summary (from July 19, 2011).

Google+ Circles helps you organize everyone according to your real-life social connections--say, 'family,' 'work friends,' 'music buddies,' and 'alumni'. Then, you can share relevant content with the right people, and follow content posted by people you find interesting. For example, you might post an announcement about your engagement and show it only to people in your friends and family circles, or maybe you see a post from the circle you created for your book club that there's a recent article on your favorite author.

You can also decide to customize your personal profile information for your circles. For example, your contact details, location, and relationship information would be visible to your friends circle, while your employment history and education would be visible to your alumni association circle.

Check the Circles page on Google to check for new updates to policies and services.

You should also read the Getting Started with Circles section.

Below is an introduction video for Circles.  You can find this video on the Google website in the area that discusses the Google+project and you can also find this video on Youtube.

     Sorry, the informative video that was here is no longer functioning.

It is important to note that the above details of the Circles system is time sensitive.  You should check directly with Google to learn the most current information about their program.  You can learn more about Circles at the following support page.  

In regard to "Fashion", we feel that the Hangouts from Google will provide the fashion industry with a another good resource to stay in communication with one another.  As we learn more about Circles, we will try to add the information to this website to keep you informed.  Hopefully, we can utilize this site to make it easier for members of the fashion industry to find each other and communicate via Circles.

In addition to utilizing Circles, it is important to also keep in contact with one another at places such as the Fashion Industry Network, Facebook, Youtube, etc. 

You can learn more about the Google Plus One circles at our Join My Circles website.

Please note we will update this website as we receive more information to help your research and understanding of this new system.

Google+ can be found at

The following top fashion pages on Google+ are now closed but had been fabulous places to learn about fashion while Google plus had been up and running.

  • Fashion
  • Fashion Newspaper
  • Fashion Designers
  • Fashion Job Search
  • Fashion Week
  • Fashion Photographers
  • Stylists
  • Fashionistas
  • Fashion Models
  • Jewelry Network
  • Vintage Fashion
  • Fashion Blog
  • Fashion Calendar
  • Fashion Deals
  • Women's Fashion
  • Fashion Trends
  • Shoes

Please let us know your suggestions regarding how to find more information about Circles.  We would be happy to add more information to this site in order to help others.

Note: The Fashion Circles website is NOT affiliated with Google in anyway.  This site was developed simply to offer assistance to people who wish to learn about Circles, Sparks, Hangouts, etc.  Please consult directly with the Google website to learn the most current details about their service details.  Again, it is important to note that information and links on this site may be out dated by the time you read them.  Please consult with Google regarding all policies, terms, services, etc.

If you know of any great fashion circles, please let us know.  We would be happy to list them on this guide.

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You may want to also check out the following links of interest to the Google+project.

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Learn more about circles from the Google website.

If you have a chance, you may want to read the Tech Crunch Article About Google+ that they posted on June 28th, 2011.  Certainly, features maybe changing but this is a good initial introduction.

Just incase you were actually trying to learn the meaning of a traditional "Circle", here is the definition from Wikipedia from July 2011.  "A circle is a simple shape of Euclidean geometry consisting of the set of points in a plane that are a given distance from a given point, the centre. The distance between any of the points and the centre is called the radius. Circles are simple closed curves which divide the plane into two regions: an interior and an exterior. In everyday use, the term "circle" may be used interchangeably to refer to either the boundary of the figure, or to the whole figure including its interior; in strict technical usage, the circle is the former and the latter is called a disk. A circle is a special ellipse in which the two foci are coincident and the eccentricity is 0. Circles are conic sections attained when a right circular cone is intersected by a plane perpendicular to the axis of the cone."  Learn more about the Circle at


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