About Circles on Google Plus

First of all, what are circles in regard to the Google+ social network:

You can use circles to control who you share posts with. Add people to a circle, then share a Collection or a post with that circle so those people can see it.

You can add someone to a circle even if they don't follow you, so they'll be able to see posts you share with that circle, but might not see those posts in their home stream.

When you add someone to a circle, they might get a notification letting them know you added them to one of your circles. They can see anything you share with that circle, including posts you shared with that circle before you added them. If that person adds you to their circles, posts you've shared with them may appear on their Home page.

You can see people you have in your circles by choosing People in your Navigation menu.

The people and pages you add to circles are publicly visible by default, but you can change who can see the people and pages you add. Depending on your settings, information about the people or pages you’ve added to circles may also appear in shared endorsements.

You can add someone to a circle or remove someone from a circle at any time.

What are fashion circles?

If you enjoy fashion, you can create circles around the subject.  The people you select can work in the fashion industry and the subjects discussed can be clothing, footwear, and style relevant.

If you truly wish to keep the discussions on track regarding a particular subject, you should also investigate the "communities" feature on Google+.

When creating circles, you should also have an idea about how your home stream works.  The following is a brief introduction.

Home Stream

Your home stream is where you see posts that other people have shared. To fill your home stream with content that's most interesting to you, follow some Collections and profiles of other users, or join some Communities. You might also see recommended content. 

When you see a post in your home stream, you can: +1 it, Comment on it, Reshare it, Mute it, or Report it if necessary.

You can find and follow people on Google+ using your own connections.  Find an existing friend of find someone new to be your friend.

You can choose who can connect with you on Google+ and who can see your posts.  You can block people if you wish.

You should obviously visit the Google website to learn more about the features of Circles, Streams, Communities, etc.  Visit their site for most current updates and accurate information regarding features.  Above is only a brief and partial summary of some of the features that can be used.  If you wish to monitor fashion relevant topics, we suggest joining one of more of the "fashion" communities.

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